The Center for Molecular Medicine & Genetics Commercialization Center (CCC) within Wayne State University’s (WSU) School of Medicine addresses one of the greatest obstacles faced by academic researchers as they seek to commercialize new technologies. This obstacle comes from a lack of focused expertise to identify commercially viable technologies and rapidly turn them into marketable products. Academic scientists often do not appreciate the commercial value of their research, and once they do, they do not have the background to develop a clear path to market. One of the key steps in doing this in the scientific realm is through a strategically designed business development plan that includes key proof of concept studies that blend well with a targeted intellectual property plan. The Kaufman Foundation has recently noted that, “As angel investors and venture capitalists increasingly invest in later-stage enterprises, researchers face difficulty finding early stage funding to develop and test prototypes and conduct market research.”  The CCC seeks to fill this funding gap and serve as a new model for streamlining technology development in the State of Michigan.

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Center for Molecular Medicine and Genetics • Wayne State University School of Medicine • 3127 Scott Hall • 540 East Canfield • Detroit, MI 48201. Administrative Office: (313) 577-5323 Fax: (313) 577-5218 • Email: • Webmaster:

                 The Center for Molecular Medicine & Genetics (CMMG) is a key site for commercialization projects. The Center has a mixture of basic scientists and physician scientists with translational research as one of its major charters.  The CMMG has a track record of developing emerging technologies with great commercial potential. Examples include GlyTags, which increase a drug’s therapeutic efficacy while limiting toxicity, novel antibiotics that avoid or delay microbe resistance, and new drug targets for treating epilepsy.  The CMMG occupies over 28,000 sq. ft. of newly renovated space, including both open and closed laboratory space, faculty offices, equipment and special procedure rooms, conference and interaction areas, and a server room to support the Center’s faculty, staff and students. The underlying goal of the CMMG is excellence in molecular biology, molecular medicine, and genetics to increase the understanding, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of human disease. The goal of the CCC is to bring this knowledge from the bench to the bedside.

                 The CCC’s unique approach emphasizes speed, focused expertise, and early structuring of  business development plans that can be divided into three stages: (1) Educational programs for our faculty, students, and staff, who can often best recognize potential application of their research; (2) Immediate feedback from a team of experts from a Technology Advisory Board consisting of WSU faculty, Michigan industry leaders, and focused consultants who screen potential new technologies and develop both a proof-of-concept as well as business development plans; and (3) The set up and identification of seed funds to perform the indicated proof-of-concept and business development work plans that will be critical for technology licensing and/or spinning out new companies.









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