MS in Molecular Genetics and Genomics

The Master of Science Program in Molecular Genetics and Genomics

The Molecular Genetics and Genomics (MGG) Master of Science (MS) program offers a didactic, laboratory and human biology-oriented curriculum in modern genetics and genomics. The MS in MGG now includes both Plan A (research thesis required) and Plan B (essay required) degree plans. Plan B was added because we have found that not all students are looking for an MS degree that requires work in the laboratory. For example, individuals training for careers in education or seeking advance in their current employment might find that Plan B is sufficient to meet their educational goals or the demands of their employer. We expect that in special cases successful completion of the Plan A or Plan B MS program may serve as a springboard for admission to our PhD program.


Admission to the MS program is contingent upon admission to the Graduate School. A minimum of a bachelor’s degree or equivalent is required. A major in biological, chemical, physical, or computer science, or engineering or mathematics is preferred. A complete application requires submission of the basic application form, transcripts from all prior academic institutions, a statement of purpose, three letters of recommendation and Graduate Record Examination (GRE) test scores. International students must be proficient in English as determined by satisfactory performance on the standardized TOEFL English proficiency examination.

Degree Requirements

The Master of Science in Molecular Genetics and Genomics are offered as either Plan A or Plan B degree programs. Each Plan requires 34 credits in the MGG curriculum.

Plan A Requirements

Plan A for obtaining an MS degree requires completion of Master’s Thesis Research and Direction (MGG 8999, Cr. 8). Upon admission students will be matched with a Research Advisor and Research Committee. The thesis is based upon original laboratory research and writing and defense of a thesis.

Plan B Requirements

Plan B requires completion of the Master’s Essay in Molecular Genetics and Genomics (MGG XXXX, Cr. 3). Students will be matched with an Essay Advisor and Essay Committee at the end of their first year. The Essay is a scholarly document based upon a literature search on a topic selected with the advice and approval of the Program Director.

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