Concentration in Bioinformatics and  Computational Biology   (8 credit hours)

Designed for PhD students with a particular interest in bioinformatics and computational biology from the genetics and computational biology perspectives, this concentration combines a creative curriculum and a research experience guided by Center and Computer Science faculty who are experts in these areas.  The bioinformatics and computational biology option curriculum uses a combination of courses from the Interdisciplinary Biomedical Sciences (IBS) PhD curriculum, courses from the Molecular Biology and Genetics program, and other bioinformatics and computational biology-related courses specifically designed for the concentration or from various programs in the School of Medicine and the Department of Computer Science.  In addition to their coursework, PhD students complete 3 research rotations during their first year in the program, and then begin their PhD dissertation research starting in the summer before their second year.

 MBG 7300 (CSC 7300) Bioinformatics I (Cr.3) MBG 7300 (CSC 7300) Bioinformatics I (Cr.3)

MBG 7301 (CSC 7301) Bioinformatics I Programming Lab (Cr.1)

MBG 7401 (CSC 7400) Bioinformatics II (Cr.4)

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