Levent Sipahi


Quick Look

  • Graduated from Kalamazoo College with a B.A. in Biology.
  • Currently an MD/PhD student in second year of PhD training in the CMMG.
Research Interests

Advisor: Dr. Derek Wildman, Ph.D.

My research interests include understanding proximal and evolutionary explanations of how genetic and epigenetic factors interact to determine plastic responses to environmental stimuli. Specifically, I am researching the genetic and epigenetic determinants of PTSD risk and resilience, as well as the evolution of epigenetic regulatory potential.


Zhong, W., Xie, Y., Abdallah, M., Awonuga, A.O., Slater, J.A., Sipahi, L., Puscheck, E.E., Rappolee, D.A., Cellular stress causes reversible PRKAA1/2- and proteasome-dependent ID2 protein loss in trophoblast stem cells. Reproduction. 2010 Dec; 140(6):921-30.
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