Nermin Gerges

Quick Look

         Masters in Biotechnology- Johns Hopkins University.
         Bachelors in Clinical Laboratory Sciences - Rutgers University and UMDNJ Joint Program.
         Currently a fourth year PhD Student.


Russell Finley Jr. PhD.

Research Interest:

Functional Analysis of a Novel Conserved Cyclin.

What I like about the PhD program in CMMG:

The program is designed to focus all of our time and energy on hands on research lab experience from day one in the program. No teaching is required from the students which personally gives me plenty of time to focus on my research training and PhD project. Also the coursework supports our research interests and more importantly,it  aims at sharpening our scientific thinking skills. After spending one year at CMMG, I can say that I my research experience has tremendously deepened and I have also intellectually grown rapidly.

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