William Gundling


Quick Look

  •  B.S. in biology from Clarkson University 2009; M.S in biology from Clarkson University 2011
  • Currently a third year student.

During my undergraduate career I began doing research and realized my passion for it. That lead me to get more in depth training during my masters training, where I began working with reptilian genetics and bioinformatics. I choose the MBG program at Wayne state because of the resources it offered and the diversity of research i could have an opportunity to take part in.

Research Interest

Advisor: Derek Wildman, PhD

My research focuses on the differential gene expression of populations that have adapted to living at high altitudes verses those living at low altitudes and potential mechanisms behind the differences.  The goal is to see if evolution has favored placental genes to protect the fetus against the hypoxic conditions associated with high altitude.
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