Batoul Abdallah

Quick Look

• Earned Bachelor’s degrees in Secondary Education in Integrated Science and History from University of Michigan
• Received a Master’s degree in Public Administration from University of Michigan
• Currently a third-year student in the PhD program

My career began in education as a high school biology teacher. With an initial interest in genetics, my love for the field deepened during my years as a teacher, which led me to embark on a career in research. As a prospective graduate student, I searched for programs that offered diverse research interests as well as outstanding faculty. The Center for Molecular Medicine and Genetics fulfilled both criteria, and in addition to a brand new facility, this program has provided me with many opportunities to become a great researcher and prepare me for a career in academia. I am currently a member of Dr. Henry Heng’s lab. My research interests include cancer evolution and tumor heterogeneity. Specifically, I am investigating the evolution of tumorigenic, single cells in an ovarian cancer mouse model. After graduation I plan to obtain a post-doctoral research fellowship.  


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