Paul Albosta

Quick Look

• Graduated with a BS from Saginaw Valley State University in 2009
• Currently a third-year student in the PhD program

My initial attraction to the program came from my undergraduate advisor, who received his Master’s degree from Wayne State.  I also worked as a lab technician at Saginaw Valley, which helped me develop critical lab skills and an appreciation for the study of Biology.  The interdisciplinary program here allows me to broaden my knowledge of current research as well as hone my own skills.  I was initially, and still am, interested in biological regulation.  My main focus is on a novel cyclin, Cyclin J, and its role during oogenesis.  Understanding this conserved gene and its protein product in fruit flies is the first step to understanding it in higher organisms.

Research Interests

Advisor: Russell Finley, Jr., PhD

Role of Drosophila Cyclin J in germline cells in response to DNA damage


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