Shruti Bagla

Quick Look

• Graduated with a BS in Biotechnology from Punjab University, India
• Currently a sixth-year student in the PhD Program

My research is focused on the understanding of molecular, anatomical and electrophysiological properties of human epileptic brain. Epilepsy is one of the most common neurological disorder of recurrent unprovoked seizures. In our lab, we have the advantage of having access to the surgical resections of the epileptic brain. Comparing regions of high electrical activity and neighboring control regions, using high-throughput genomics, we have found significant induction of a consistent group of genes implicating MAPK/CREB pathway, IEG activation and synaptic organization, that are induced at human epileptic foci, regardless of the underlying cause. My project hones further into the MAPK pathway to identify robust molecular markers of epilepsy that could be suitable drug targets. In addition to this, I am also working on compiling the molecular and electrical signatures into a 3-dimensional anatomical context to study the spread of interictal activity along the neocortex and how it relates to the laminar and gyral patterns. The goal is to understand the role of gyral and sulcal patterns in the spread of epileptic discharges.

Research Interests
Advisor: Dr. Jeffrey A. Loeb

Selected Publications

1. Publication in Journal of Biological Chemistry - Elongating RNA polymerase II is disassembled through specific degradation of its largest but not other subunits in response to DNA damage in vivo by Malik S, Bagla S, Chaurasia P, Duan Z, Bhaumik SR.


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