Graham Johnson

Quick Look

• Graduated from Kalamazoo College with a BA in Biology
• Currently a sixth-year student in the PhD Program

My initial contact with the WSU SOM/CMMG program was as a technician working within the department. This experience exposed me to the many opportunities available to PhD candidates within the program. My long-term goal is to pursue a career in academics upon completion of my doctoral work.

Research Interests
Advisor: Stephen A. Krawetz, PhD

Chromatin structure and packaging in the mature male gamete.

Selected Publications

* Sendler E, Johnson GD, Mao S, Goodrich RJ, Diamond MP, Hauser R, Krawetz SA (2013).  Stability, Delivery and Functions of Human Sperm RNAs at Fertilization.  Accepted Nucleic Acids Research.  PMID: 23471003

* Sendler E, Johnson GD, Krawetz SA (2011).  Local and global factors affecting RNAseq analysis.  Analytical Biochemistry, 419(2): 317-22.  PMID: 21889483

* Johnson GD, Platts AE, Lalancette C, Goodrich R, Heng HH, Krawetz SA (2011).  Interrogating the transgenic genome: development of an interspecies tiling array.  Syst Biol Reprod Med, 57, 54-62.  PMID: 21214491

* Johnson GD, Sendler E, Lalancette C, Hauser R, Diamond MP, Krawetz SA (2011).  Cleavage of rRNA ensures translational cessation in sperm at fertilization.  Mol Hum Reprod, 17(12): 721-6.  PMID: 21831882

* Johnson GD, Lalancette C, Linnemann AK, Leduc F, Boissonneault G, Krawetz SA (2011).  The sperm nucleus: chromatin, RNA , and the nuclear matrix.  Reproduction, 141:21-36.  PMID: 20876223.  *One of the top 10 downloaded reviews from the journal website in 2011.

* Lalancette C, Platts AE, Johnson GD, Emery BR, Carrell DT, Krawetz SA (2009).  Identification of human sperm transcripts as candidate markers of male fertility.  J Mol Med 87:735-748.  PMID: 19466390

* Platts AE, Johnson GD, Linnemann AK, Krawetz S (2008).  Real-time PCR quantification using a variable reaction efficiency model.  Anal Biochem 380:315-322.  PMID: 18570886

* Goodrich R, Johnson G, Krawetz SA (2007).  The preparation of human spermatozoal RNA for clinical analysis.  Arch Androl 53:161-167.  PMID: 17612875


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