Steven Horne

Quick Look

  • Graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Biology from University of Michigan in 2005
  • Graduated with a Master of Science in Molecular/Cellular Biology from Eastern Michigan University in 2009
  • Currently a fourth-year student in the PhD program

Two reasons ultimately led me to pursue a PhD at the Center for Molecular Medicine and Genetics: a research-focused curriculum that prioritizes the intellectual and analytical development of students as future researchers and a faculty that produces very creative and competitive biomedical research.  My career goals include discovering genomic understandings of diseases and applying them towards the development of assays and treatments.  I also have a passion for education, and I aspire to a career in academia.

Research Interests

• Advisor - Henry H.Q. Heng, PhD

• Cancer Genomics; Cancer Progression and Drug Resistance

Selected Publications

Horne SD, Stevens JB, Abdallah BY, Liu G, Bremer SW, Ye CJ, Heng HH.  Why imatinib remains an exception of cancer research (2013).  Journal of Cellular Physiology.  PMID: 23018746

Horne SD, Abdallah BY, Stevens JB, Liu G, Ye KJ, Bremer SW, Heng HH.  Genome constraint through sexual reproduction: application of 4D-Genomics in reproductive biology (2013).  Systems Biology in Reproductive Medicine.  PMID: 23294443.

Stevens JB, Horne SD, Abdallah BY, Ye CJ, Heng HH.  Chromosomal instability and transcriptome dynamics in cancer (2013).  Cancer and Metastasis Reviews.  PMID: 23595307

Abdallah BY, Horne SD, Stevens JB, Liu G, Ying AY, Vanderhyden B, Krawetz SA, Gorelick R, Heng HH.  Single cell heterogeneity: Why unstable genomes are incompatible with average profiles (2013).  Cell Cycle.  PMID: 24091732

Stevens JB, Liu G, Abdallah BY, Horne SD, Ye KJ, Bremer SW, Ye CJ, Krawetz SA, Heng HH.  Unstable genomes elevate transcriptome dynamics (2013).  International Journal of Cancer.  PMID: 24122714

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