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SURP 2006

August 14, 2006
3125 Gordon H. Scott Hall of Basic Medical Sciences
2:00 pm-4:00 pm



CMMG Faculty Research Interests.
Letter from the Program Director.
Download SURP Application Form (PDF file format)

Khawar Chaudhry, Wayne State University
Mentor : Alexander Gow, Ph.D.
Investigating Late Onset Ischemia in Animal Models of PMD

Mark Hemming, University of Michigan
Mentor: Maik Hüttemann, Ph.D.
Cox 4-2 and Lung Cancer

John Naughton, University of Michigan
Mentor : Jeff Loeb, M.D., Ph.D.
The Effects of Neuregulin on the Development of Neuromuscular Junctions

Christine Rothermel, Michigan State University
Mentors: Angela Trepanier, M.S., C.G.C./Alexander Gow, Ph.D.
Mapping Enhancers in Claudin-11 Mice

Wenxin Xu, Harvard University
Mentor : Henry Heng, Ph.D.
Genome Instability and Drug Resistance: New Insights on an Old Problem

Brandy Blackwell, Illinois Wesleyan University
Mentor : Wayne Lancaster, Ph.D.
Disequilibrium of E5 and E7 mRNA in HPV due to Integration or a result of Formalin Fixation? Using Bovine Papilloma Virus as a positive control



Summer Undergraduate Research Program
Wayne State University School of Medicine
Center for Molecular Medicine & Genetics
3127 Scott Hall, 540 E. Canfield
Detroit MI 48201