SURP 2007

August 09, 2007
3125 Gordon H. Scott Hall of Basic Medical Sciences
10:00 am-12:30 pm



CMMG Faculty Research Interests.
Letter from the Program Director.
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Lindsay Brownell, Davidson College
Mentor: Russell Finley, Jr., Ph.D.
Identifying Protein-Protein Interactions in Streptococcus Pneumoniae Using the
Yeast 2-Hybrid System

Nicholas Bashour, Wayne State University
Mentors: Michael Shy, M.D., Agnes Acsadi, M.D. and Alexander Gow, Ph.D.

Gene Therapy for Neurodegenerative Diseases: Focus on Charcot Marie Tooth

Disease Type 1B

Colin Carlock, Michigan State University
Mentor: Leon Carlock, Ph.D.
Use of Recombinant Viral Vectors for Colorimetric Detection of Mammalian Cell Death

Khawar Chaudhry, Wayne State University
Mentor: Alexander Gow, Ph.D.
The Role of Septins in CNS Myelination

Ellen Foot, University of Michigan
Mentor: Alex Gow, Ph.D.
A Putative Role of Tight Junctions in Osteogenesis

Angelika Girard, Eastern Michigan University
Mentor: Henry H.Q. Heng, Ph.D.
Complexity, Heterogeneity and the Cancer

Andrew Kocab, University of Notre Dame
Mentor: Leon Carlock, Ph.D.
Cell Based Colorimetric Assays for Detecting Cell Death

Beth Lubeck, Grand Valley State University
Mentor: Wayne Lancaster, Ph.D.
Integration of HPV Sequences in Neoplasms

Rachel Sullivan, University of Michigan
Mentor: Maik Hüttemann, Ph.D.
An Assay for the Early Detection of Lung Cancer


Summer Undergraduate Research Program
Wayne State University School of Medicine
Center for Molecular Medicine & Genetics
3127 Scott Hall, 540 E. Canfield
Detroit MI 48201