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Data Submission to GenBank or EMBL

Sequence data may be submitted to GenBank or EMBL using one of the methods described in the GenBank release notes. The relevant parts of the GenBank release notes are quoted below.

"To assist researchers in entering their own sequence data, GenBank provides a WWW submission tool called BankIt, as well as a stand-alone software package called Sequin. BankIt and Sequin are both easy-to-use programs that enable authors to enter a sequence, annotate it, and submit it to GenBank. Through the international collaboration of DNA sequence databases, GenBank submissions are forwarded daily for inclusion in the EMBL and DDBJ databases."


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"Sequin is an interactive, graphically-oriented program based on screen forms and controlled vocabularies that guides you through the process of entering your sequence and providing biological and bibliographic annotation. Intended as an alternative to the older Authorin program, Sequin is designed to simplify the sequence submission process, and to provide increased data handling capabilities to accomodate very long sequences, complex annotations, and robust error checking. E-mail the completed submission file to:

Sequin is currently provided as a beta-test version, and runs on Macintosh, PC/Windows, UNIX and VMS computers. It is available by annonymous ftp from, login as anonymous and use your e-mail address as the password. It is located in the sequin directory."


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"BankIt provides a simple forms approach for submitting your sequence and descriptive information to GenBank. Your submission will be submitted directly to GenBank via the World Wide Web, and immediately forwarded for inclusion in the EMBL and DDBJ databases. BankIt may be used with Netscape clients for Unix, Macs, and PCs, the Mosaic client for Unix, and the MacWeb client for Macs. You can access BankIt from GenBank's home page:"

If you have questions about GenBank submissions or any of the data submission tools, contact NCBI at: or 301-496-2475.

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