In the press: - Dr. Henry Heng awarded $133K to study chromosome changes in CFIDS. - Bernard Dugué     English translation (According to Google) -  Genomic instability, evolution, and speciation. - Bernard Dugué
    English translation (According to Google) - Sexual reproduction reduces genetic diversity.
- Sex is not about promoting genetic variation, researchers argue.
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Beijing News
- The primary reason for the pervasiveness of sex among complex organisms is to maintain genomic integrity...
- Wayne State University researcher argues that sex reduces genetic variation.
- Heng and fellow researcher Root Gorelick, Ph.D. argue that the primary function of sex is not about promoting diversity.
- Researcher argues that sex reduces genetic variation.
- Heng and Gorelick argue that sex is about keeping the genome context as unchanged as possible, thereby maintaining a species' identity.
- Wayne State University research recommends dramatic shift in cancer research.
- Cancer as a complex adaptive system
- The conflict between complex systems and reductionism

Dr. Henry H.Q. Heng on the Discovery Channel documentary "Gulf War Illness -- Conspiracy Test" Part 4 of 4.
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