Whitney Hoff



  • Graduated from Southern Utah University in 2011 with a B.S.
  • Currently a sixth year student in the MBG PhD program

While at SUU I was involved in many different research projects that led me to want to continue on the research track. I chose the MBG Program at Wayne State University because I found myself interested in the research taking place here and was drawn in by the many resources available to students. I spent my first year at Wayne State rotating through labs focusing on Neuroscience. I am now a second year student studying in the lab of Dr. Robert Skoff. The focus of this lab involves the research of proteins in the myelin sheath that are critical for normal human function. We study a protein, proteolipid protein, in myelin that is often mutated in humans and is fatal. Using molecular and cell biological techniques, we study the mechanisms by which the mutations in this protein lead to cell death and finally death. We study transgenic mice that mimic closely a human developmental disease.

Advisor: Robert Skoff, PhD