PhD in Molecular Genetics and Genomics

The PhD In Molecular Genetics and Genomics is a challenging, research-intensive graduate program which prepares students for careers in academia or industry and emphasizes eukaryotic molecular and cellular biology with applications in genetics and molecular medicine.

Doctoral candidates receive intensive laboratory training, working closely with faculty on projects at the forefront of biomedical research. The first year is spent taking the Interdisciplinary Biomedical Sciences core curriculum and completing laboratory rotations to sample the research environment in laboratories of potential interest to them. The core curriculum provides students with a solid foundation in the areas of molecular and cellular biology and genetics. By the end of the first year, students begin thesis research, completing additional coursework tailored to their background and area of research in their second year.

Students also participate in the Center’s seminar series that covers the breadth of research areas in current molecular biology, molecular medicine, and genetics.

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Man working in lab