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Sequence Information.

Information relating to the base interpretation of the trace is stored at byte offset from the start of the file. Stored for each base are: its character representation and a number (an index into the Samples data structure) indicating its position within the trace. The relative probabilities of each of the 4 bases occurring at the point where the base is called can be stored in prob_A , prob_C , prob_G and prob_T . The Amersham FilmReader uses Bases.spare[0] to store the confidence level of the base. The value ranges from 0 (low confidence) to 8 (high), and 9 indicating the base has been manually edited.

From version 3.00 these items are stored in the following order: all "peak indexes", i.e. the positions in the sample points to which the bases corresponds; all the accuracy estimates for base type A, all for C,G and T; the called bases; this is followed by 3 sets of empty int1 data items. These values are read into the following data structure by the routines in the io library.

 * Type definition for the sequence data
typedef struct {
    uint_4 peak_index;        /* Index into Samples matrix for base posn */
    uint_1 prob_A;            /* Probability of it being an A */
    uint_1 prob_C;            /* Probability of it being an C */
    uint_1 prob_G;            /* Probability of it being an G */
    uint_1 prob_T;            /* Probability of it being an T */
    char   base;              /* Called base character        */
    uint_1 spare[3];          /* Spare */
} Base;

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