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Doctor Database is used to make arbitrary changes to the database. Very few checks are performed on the user's input and there are few limitations. Consequently this option should never be used without first making a backup using "Copy database". See section Making Backups of Databases. It is very easy to create inconsistencies within the database. Do not feel that values (such as the maximum gel length) can be changed simply because they are shown in a dialogue. The purpose of Doctor Database is as much a debugging tool as it is for editing data. In ideal circumstances its use should never be required.


The main window consists of a menubar containing "File", "Structures" and "Commands" menus. The menus contain:

The New command in the Commands menu brings up another Doctor Database window complete with its own menubar. This is useful for comparing structures. Whilst Doctor Database is running all other program dialogues, including the main Gap menubar, are blocked. Control is reenabled once the last Doctor Database window is removed. Remember to perform a Check Database (Commands menu) before quitting to double check for database consistency.

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