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Active Readings

A list named readings is always present. It contains the current list of readings that are highlighted in all the currently shown template displays. See section Lists. The highlighting mechanism used is to draw the readings as thicker, bolder, lines. The "clear Active Readings" command from the View menu clears this list. The "highlight reading list" command loads a new set of readings to use for the "readings" list and then highlights these.

To interactively add and remove readings from the active list use the left mouse button. Clicking on an individual reading will toggle its state from active to non active and back again. Pressing and holding the left mouse button and moving the mouse will drag out a bounding box. When the button is released all readings that are contained entirely within the bounding box will be toggled.

Activating a reading (using any of the above methods) when an editor is running will also highlight the reading within the editor. Similarly highlighting the reading in the editor activates it within the template display and adds it to the active reading list.

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