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Standard Mouse Operations

The same mouse buttons are used for similar operations throughout the programs. A brief description of the mouse control is listed below.

Left button Select

In a dialogue this selects an item from a list of items. Within a graphical display (eg the template display) this "selects" an item. Selected items are shown in bold. Selecting an already selected item will deselect it.

Drag left button Select region

This operates only for the graphical displays. A rectangular box can be dragged out between where the left button was pressed (and held down) to the current mouse cursor position. Releasing the left button will then select all items contained entirely within the rectangle. Within the contig editor such selections are displayed by underlining the region instead.

Drag middle button Move

This currently operates only for the contig selector. The selected items (or the item under the mouse pointer if none are selected) are dragged until the middle button is released.

Right button Popup menu

Within some displays this will pop up a menu displaying a list of commands that can be used on the selected item.

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