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Graphics Window


The graphical displays have several features in common. Commands are selected from buttons and menus ranged along the top of the window. Menus can be "torn off" and positioned anywhere on the screen. Zooming is allowed using the mouse. The "Zoom out" button undoes the previous zoom command. Crosshairs and cursors can be toggled on and off, and their coordinates in base positions appear in boxes in the top right hand corner of the displays. Every item plotted in the graphical displays has text attached, and as the cursor passes over an item, it is highlighted and its text appears in an Information line at the bottom of the display.


Plots can be enlarged either by resizing the window or zooming. Zooming is achieved by holding down the control key and right mouse button and dragging out a rectangle. Rectangles that are too small are ignored and a warning bell will sound. The contents of the window is magnified such that the contexts of the zoom box become the contents of the entire window. The Zoom out button will restore the plot to the previous magnification.

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