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Configuring Pregap4

Fonts and Colours

The Pregap4 Options menu contains options for modifying the fonts and colours used. These options are common to many programs and so are documented elsewhere.See section Font Selection.See section Colour Selector.

Window Styles

Pregap4 supports two styles of windowing. The default method is a compact mode, with the alternative being "separate" mode - similar to Gap4, Nip4 and Sip4.


This is the "separate" window style. Here the main window is always visible, with commands in the main window bringing up new windows. In the picture above the configure window can be seen on top of the main window.

The second style is "compact" mode.


In the compact picture above the most common top level windows are "pages" in a tabbed notebook. This is similar to some window styles in the Microsoft Windows desktop. The benefit is greatly reduced screen space and quickier controls, but the text output window is no longer permanently visible.

To switch styles select the "Compact Window Style" and "Separate Windows Style" commands from the Options menu. We would welcome your feedback on which style you prefer (send mail to

The Config Files

This option, available from the File menu, may be used to switch to a new (existing) configuration file. Pregap4 will display a file browser window for you to select another configuration file. Once chosen, Pregap4 will throw away the existing configuration and instead use the newly chosen one. From this point onwards, any modifications and saving in Pregap4 will be to the new configuration file.

This option is be equivalent to selecting the configuration file on the command menu, such as in the following example.

pregap4 -config new_config_file

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