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The sequence library browser enables the retrieval of sequences from srs5.1 or EMBL indexed libraries. The default is to use EMBL indices. This can be changed using the either the "Sequence library" option in the Options menu of the parent program or the .seqlibrc file. See section The .seqlibrc file. The actual libraries available will vary from site to site. The sequence library browser is always invoked from another program, which is termed the "parent program". All text output and error messages resulting from the sequence library browser will be displayed in the Output window and Error window of the parent program.


The sequence library browser contains "File", "Selected" and "Options" menus along the top of the window. Beneath this are the library and field selection menus, the entry box for the text to search for, the search mode menu, the Search button which initiates the search and the Load button which will load the selected entries into the parent program. Finally, beneath this there are two list boxes, one of which lists the results of the library search (labelled "Results") and the second details information about specific entries (labelled "Entryname ...");

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