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The configurable parameters for the sequence library browser can be accessed either from within the program via the Options menu or via the the .seqlibrc file which specifies all default and startup values to the dialogues.

Maximum number of entries

The number of entries in the Entryname list box at any one time can be altered by typing in a new value in the entry box. If the sequence library search has found more entries than this value, pressing the "Next" button will display the next set of entry names.

The .seqlibrc file

Some of the parameters within the sequence library browser are externally configurable. The complete set of configurations can be found in the $STADTABL/seqlibrc file. It follows the same format as the .gaprc file.See section The .gaprc file.

For users to override the standard defaults they do not need to edit the $STADTABL/seqlibrc file. Rather they can create a $HOME/.seqlibrc or a .seqlibrc (ie a file named .seqlibrc in the current directory). Definitions in $HOME/.seqlibrc override those in the $STADTABL/seqlibrc file. Definitions in the .seqlibrc file in the current directory override both the $STADTABL/seqlibrc and $HOME/.seqlibrc definitions.

To change to use embl indices, set


To use srs5.1 indices, set

set_def SEQLIB.LIB_TYPE        SRS51_LIB

In order to change the default library name to "personal", set:

set_def LIB_NAME                personal

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