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Results of the search

The results of the search are displayed in the Results list box, one line per result. The information details the query number (srs5.1 indices only), the library searched, the input field searched, the text searched for and the number of hits found.

Q2: [embl-Keywords: trypsin*]  115

The results of the search are also displayed in the output window of the parent program. This is a more verbose output and details all the alternative hits found. For example, the following is the result from a word* search for Keyword "trypsin" in the EMBL library:

(51)	Keywords: trypsin
(1)	Keywords: trypsin i
(1)	Keywords: trypsin ia
(1)	Keywords: trypsin ib
(1)	Keywords: trypsin ii
(1)	Keywords: trypsin iii
(40)	Keywords: trypsin inhibitor
(1)	Keywords: trypsin inhibitor cme
(1)	Keywords: trypsin inhibitor i protein
(1)	Keywords: trypsin inhibitor subtype a
(1)	Keywords: trypsin inhibitor subtype b
(1)	Keywords: trypsin iv
(1)	Keywords: trypsin precursor
(2)	Keywords: trypsin-like enzyme
(1)	Keywords: trypsin-like protease
(1)	Keywords: trypsin-like serine protease precursor
(2)	Keywords: trypsin-related protease
(1)	Keywords: trypsin-resistant surface t6 protein
(2)	Keywords: trypsin-sensitive
(4)	Keywords: trypsin/chymotrypsin inhibitor
(20)	Keywords: trypsinogen
(1)	Keywords: trypsinogen kinase

The left hand column lists the number of entries found for each hit. To limit the search to "trypsin ii", type "trypsin ii" into the search word entry box, select the "word" mode and redo the search.

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