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Selecting the output parameters


In order to display the contents of a library entry, it is necessary to first select the fields to be displayed. This done by selecting the "Options" menu on the main menubar and selecting "Select output". Some options may not work with particular libraries. However, "Complete entry" will always be available.

The possible options are:

Complete entry
Displays the entire entry in the same format as the library
Annotation only
Displays the annotation portion the entry (if applicable)
Brief description
Displays the entryname, accession number, sequence length and short description. This is identical to the information displayed in the Entryname list box.
Configure output
It is possible for some library types to extract individual fields from the entry and any combination of these can be selected by selecting the appropriate check boxes.
No output
Default. No output is displayed.

Once the output options have been chosen, select either OK or Apply. OK will save the options and quit the window whereas Apply will save the options and the window will remain on the screen.

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