Medical Genetics Residency

WSU/DMC provides training for individuals interested in specializing in clinical genetics. It is a two-year residency and is available to MD’s or DO’s who have completed at least two years training in an ACGME-accredited clinical residency in another medical specialty such as family medicine, internal medicine, pediatrics or OB/GYN.

Clinical geneticists specialize in medicine that involves the interaction between genes and health. They diagnose, treat, manage and counsel individuals at risk for or affected with genetically influenced illnesses. The genetics residents receive an extensive amount of hands-on training, including exposure to all areas of genetic medicine including dysmorphology, prenatal diagnosis, genetic screening, cytogenetics, biochemical genetics, molecular genetics, and cancer genetics. In addition, didactic sessions and coursework in basic genetics ensures a strong foundation of genetics knowledge. The trainees become proficient in providing compassionate, appropriate and effective diagnosis, management and treatment for patients and families with genetic disorders.

The training program has a set of core requirements that each trainee must meet. However, sufficient diversity and flexibility is also present in the program to permit individualization according to each resident's background and interests. For example, an obstetrics/gynecology resident would spend additional months in Reproductive Genetics and fewer months in Pediatric Genetics. To see a "typical" resident educational program, which is organized into monthly "blocks," and highlights the core or invariant components of the two-year genetics residency for an individual interested in pediatric genetics, click here.

At the completion of the two-year program, the resident would be board eligible for certification as a Clinical Geneticist by the American Board of Medical Genetics.


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If you would like further information about the Medical Genetics Training Programs, please contact:

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Medical Genetics Residency Program Manager
Center for Molecular Medicine and Genetics
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