Clinical Molecular Geneticist

 WSU/DMC offers a two-year fellowship in molecular genetics. This program is open to individuals with a US earned doctoral degree (MD, DO, PhD or equivalent; see Eligibility and Requirements, for international applicants). If the candidate has already successfully completed a Medical Genetics Residency, only a one-year fellowship is required. The clinical molecular genetics fellow receives extensive molecular genetics laboratory training. After successful completion of the program, the clinical molecular geneticist would have completed the requirements to direct a clinical molecular genetics laboratory with the training necesary to analyze and interpret molecular abnormalities and act as a consultant for physicians regarding laboratory diagnosis for a broad range of molecular conditions. In addition, the fellow would be eligible to sit for the certification examination in Clinical Molecular Genetics offered by the American Board of Medical Genetics. For a typical two-year fellowship, click here.


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If you would like further information about the Medical Genetics Training Programs, please contact:

Michelle Cichon, MS, CGC
Medical Genetics Residency Program Manager
Center for Molecular Medicine and Genetics
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Phone: 313-577-3982
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