Daniel Radecki



  • B.A. in Biological Sciences from SUNY at Buffalo in 2010
  • Seventh year PhD student

I decided to join the CMMG program because of the amount and variety of world class research occurring in the department along with the collaborations between the clinic and other departments throughout Wayne State University. It also gives me an excellent opportunity to build upon research I was involved in as and undergrad and to further my knowledge and techniques as I move through rotations into a permanent lab. The CMMG has the faculty and resources that will allow me to perform any research in the future no matter what direction it will be in and CMMG will allows me to reach the greatest potential in that research.

Research Interests

  • Advisor: Alexander Gow, PhD.
  • My work in Dr. Gow's lab involves characterization of a novel mouse model of Multiple Sclerosis (MS), the most common neurological disease affecting young adults in the U.S. In contrast to current chemical induction or artificial stimulation of the immune system used in most models of MS, our model utilizes cell stress from natural occurring mutation to trigger disease. Through the use of in vivo imaging, and ex vivo imaging and analysis techniques we are looking to determine the consequence of our cell stress in causing neurodegeneration and phenotypes reminiscent of those seen in patients, and determine to what extent the immune system is activated. The mouse model, and this study should provide novel insight into the pathogenesis of MS and hopefully lead to future treatments of therapies aimed at preventing or mitigating the disease.