Hasini Kalpage



  • BA in biochemistry from College of Saint Benedict/Saint John’s University (MN)
  • Currently a fourth year student in the MGG PhD program

The simple fact that a tiny DNA molecule encodes all the information required to build up the fundamental characteristics of a complex organism is truly inspiring to me. After college, I worked in a genetic diagnostics laboratory where I conducted gene association studies between hereditary thrombophilia factors and ischemic stroke. As a graduate student, I’m particularly interested in studying the underlying genetic mechanisms related to disease states such as cancer. I chose the Molecular Genetics and Genomics program at CMMG due to the high quality of the program and the center’s interdisciplinary nature in conducting cutting-edge biomedical research. I’m really excited that I will be spending the next few years conducting research in this fascinating area of human biology.

Advisor: Maik Huttemann, PhD